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Delicatessen and Salumeria
Warning: this case could cause nightmares for some vegetarians. We are not your supermarket deli with tired looking cheese and kiddy meats. We are packed full of sexy charcuterie in the Old World Style. We seek out the finest aged, air-dried prosciutto, wood-smoked meats and dry-cured hams. Our house specialty items are steeped in the tradition of craftsmanship that takes time and love. In charcuterie the swine is king. We start by buying the best swine Indiana has to offer. That means no junk, just the good stuff. That is the easy part. It starts with delicate blend of spices, all natural meats and an obsession for quality. The craft of salting, smoking and curing takes patience and more of the “L” word.

If you call yourself a "food lover’s market," you had better have some stellar cheeses to back up that claim. We love our stank and because of that we don’t want the other kids to laugh. We have created a special program that we call “A Dozen Cheeses Before you Die.” This is a twelve step program that will allow you to always make a good decision. We have twelve cheeses that we think you should try before you die. And if that doesn’t happen before you finish all twelve steps, we may just change a few to keep life interesting. Fresh chevre, big blue veins, aged raw milk, bloomy rinds, farm fresh, artisanal, local or from far a way France. Which will make the cut this month?

Fresh Meats
Now by fresh we don’t mean raised in Kansas, butchered in Nebraska, trucked to Chicago, shrink wrapped on a Styrofoam plate, rolled down a hill and into your meat case. We are talking Indiana, all natural, delivered by the farmer, slaughtered just hours or days before (except our luscious dry-aged beef which takes 21 days to reach perfection) you indulge. If you want it fresher than this, you’ll have to raise it yourself. Whether you're looking for something to braise, roast, smoke, grill or cure you’ll find it here. In our "18 feet of meat" you'll find the almighty swine, marbled to perfection, plump meaty chickens, a selection of fowl, luscious lamb, and don’t forget the super rich beef and tender American Kobe (Wagyu). All meats are trimmed to your specifications. You deserve it.
Meaty Wines and Brave Beers
If you couldn’t tell by now, we love meat (especially the king). No, I mean we are deeply in love with it. Some may call it an obsession, some may think it’s a little odd and even you may think it’s nasty. We knew we couldn’t boast about our meats if you didn’t have something to drink with it that can stand up and say “Hey, look at me.” That is why you won’t find weak wines here. We may have only a “boutique” size collection but these wines won’t run. Only the meatiest of wines from California, Spain, Italy, France, and Australia can be found. (And by the way…our beers aren’t scared either.) Stop in to explore the Goose Cellar for yourself or sign up for a guided tour with Goose the Market Wine of the Month Club.

European Inspired Dry Goods
A good sous chef is resourceful. By this I mean he or she can find anything. You want meat glue? Oui, chef! You need Himalayan Salt? Right away chef! You want tree sap from Guatemala? I will have it this afternoon, chef!

At the Goose, we want to be your sous chef. We are your hard to find supplier. If you have a recipe that calls for something you don’t see we’ll find it for you. We have what you’ll need to whip it up. Like a selection of Italian and Spanish olive oils, French Vinegars, Indiana syrup and honey, Carolina grains and much more. More importantly we secretly love to stock not so traditional items that are essential in a professional kitchen (even if you just want to act like one).

It may be easier to give you an idea of what you won’t find. You won’t find tomatoes in January, you won’t find blood oranges in June, and you won’t find asparagus in November. Basically, if it’s not in season go to Marsh. You will find produce that has been selected for quality and wholesomeness. We only scout for organically grown, certified organic and locally grown produce. Our produce selections change frequently, kind of like the seasons. Is that weird or what?

Coffee, Breads, Pastries and Gelato
If we pride ourselves on procuring locally then we can’t stop just because we don’t have fields of coffee beans in our backyard. We seek out locally-roasted fair trade coffee from Harvest Cafe. Every morning we bring in crunchy baguettes, fruit tarts, Shagbark Oatmeal Cookies, and other naughty selections from local artisan bakers. Our scoop shop has twelve choices of gelato, ice cream and sorbets to choose from. You can take a scoop for the ride home (we won’t tell) or take a pint home and share the love with your family.
Local producers who help stock the Goose include . . .

Photos by Andrew McGaha

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