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Ready to Eat Ribeye Dinner + Sides

Dinner's hot and ready to eat! Come on in first come, first served or call ahead to reserve 317-924-4944 ***We sold out early last time -- recommend calling to guarantee yours!

- Ribeye Roast for Two: boneless 24oz dry-aged smoked ribeye cooked medium rare with side of Goosey Sauce (horseradish, creme fraiche, lemon, seasonings), $39

- Creamed spinach and kale with parmigiano reggiona + nutmeg bread crumb crust, 16oz container serves two, $8

- spring carrots, sweet potatoes, and parsnips with balsamic glaze and crushed marcona almonds, 16oz container serves two, $8

- Red Wine Pairing $17.97

FULL MENU DISCOUNT: one of everything except wine $49 (regularly $55!); one of everything including wine $67 (regularly $73!)