Farewell Vinnie

Over eight years ago, Vinnie rode his bike to a new butcher shop in Indy. 

Chris & Mollie hired this eager kid who never stopped smiling to stock shelves. It was a part-time gig that had more to do with breaking down cardboard boxes than waiting on customers.

But Vinnie is a people person and passionate about great food, so it wasn't long before he was bubbling over. Remembering guests by name and by their order preferences, he quickly turned that stocking job into a position behind the counter. From buyer to assistant manager to manager, Vinnie has helped raise Goose.

He's the one who always sees the bright side of every situation, is the first helper to volunteer, and brings a relentless work ethic to every task. He loves his family, and lucky for all of us, he considers everyone who walks through Goose's doors to be part of the family. 

When Vinnie decided it was time to move on to new adventures, we felt just like a family would. It's difficult to see him go, but we're so proud of Vinnie and we know that his rare spirit will bring him success with anything he sets his mind to. 

Today is Vinnie's last day at Goose, and as he rides his bike away from this old butcher shop, we can't thank him enough.

With all our love,
your Goose Gang