Super Bowl + Mardi Gras + Valentine Specials

The Super Bowl is Sunday, February 4, and it's Philly vs. New England in Goose's Meat Case, too.

Philly Cheese Steak Sausage: beef sirloin + pork sausage with cheddar cheese cubes and caramelized onion – raw links to cook at home

New England Seafood Sausage: octopus, clam, and pork sausage with chives and lemon zest – fully cooked to sear and serve

Available for pick up beginning Wednesday, January 31. First come, first served or call to reserve 317-924-4944 

Mardi Gras is Tuesday, February 13. Laissez le bons eats rouler

King Cakes complete with traditional toy baby inside. Order cream cheese or praline filling. Pick up Feb. 12 or 13, $25 each, from Indy's own Circle City Sweets. Limited availablity, call to order 317-924-4944


Alligator Sausage with a touch of pork for texture: raw links to cook at home

Shrimp Sausage: fully cooked links to sear and serve (contains breadcrumbs)

Boudin: pork, long grain rice, green onion, parsley, raw to cook at home

Crawfish Tails: raw to cook at home

Smoking Goose Tasso

Smoking Goose Andouille

Available for pick up beginning Friday, February 9. First come, first served or call to reserve 317-924-4944 

Valentine's Day is Wednesday, February 14. Feed your love

Order online for pick up beginning Tuesday, Feb. 13.

Seafood, Charcuterie, and Cheese Platter Royale
beautifully arranged on server platter, serves 2, ready to eat, each platter includes:

Whole Poached Lobster,   split in half
Six Crab Claws
Cured Ora King Salmon
Duck Liver Pate
Rabbit Terrine
Wild Boar Summer Sausage
Waygu Bresaola
Wabash Cannonball Cheese
Merlot Bella Vitano Cheese
Gallery Pastry Shop Chocolates
Paired accompaniments including cocktail sauce, pickles, preserves, and more with bread, crackers

8oz Merlot Steak:
pasture raised at Fischer Farms, marinated under red wine, ready to cook at home

"Merlot Steak" gets a nod from the National Restaurant Assocation as number one on their list of 2018 food trends is new cuts of meat. Cut from the Campanella of the beef leg, this flavorful steak stays tender and juicy seared over high heat.

Discounted Wine Pairings for the Platter Royale and Merlot Steak

Cherry Crumble Pie from Indy’s own Pots & Pans, 6" pie serves 2 with buttery crumble topping and flakey pastry crust made with Smoking Goose leaf lard