Thanksgiving with the Goose


- pasture-raised Thanksgiving Turkeys: fresh, never frozen OR smoked turkeys ready to heat & serve
- "just add water" brine kits & brining buckets
- turkey stock, persimmon-sage sausage, wine pairings, croissants, cream cheese pumpkin rolls, and more: click here to order!


Goose's Thanksgiving FAQ
- How big a turkey do I need?
- How does the "just add water" brine kit work?
- How many minutes per pound to roast my turkey?
- How long to reheat my smoked turkey?

Get these answers and more with Goose's Thanksgiving FAQ.

Get Goose's Turkey Brining Recipe

Free Thanksgiving Wine Tastings
Sample new holidays wines and more: Tuesday, Nov. 22, 11:30am - 1pm and Wednesday, Nov. 23, 11:30am - 1pm.

Professional Knife Sharpening
Indy Cutting Edge will keep you sharp! Knives less than 4 inches are $3 each. Add 50 cents per inch for larger knives and add $1 for serrated blades.

Drop off knives: Pick Up beginning:
Sunday, Nov. 6, 10am - 6pm Tuesday, Nov. 8, 10am
Sunday, Nov. 13, 10am - 6pm Tuesday, Nov. 15, 10am
Sunday, Nov. 20, 10am - 6pm Tuesday, Nov. 22, 10am